Jordan Klepper Sees It All at The Capitol Insurrection | The Daily Social Distancing Show


Pitchforks, Proud Boys, and a one-man “Tyranny Response Team.” Jordan Klepper saw it all at the Capitol insurrection. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #Capitol
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  • ketchup mustard
    ketchup mustard6 minutter siden

    Darkest day? Really? What about all the peaceful protest?

  • Naomi Mia
    Naomi Mia16 minutter siden

    Best believe the FBI have the full un-edited footage of these terrorist... Good! Lock them up!

  • Dave G
    Dave G20 minutter siden

    "No it's farming equipment and it's legal" Are you farming today? ...

  • Rado Rafiringa
    Rado Rafiringa22 minutter siden

    It takes having conviction in your own BS to be a good Trump supporter.

  • Oliver Ava
    Oliver Ava33 minutter siden

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  • Evelyn Plumley
    Evelyn Plumley48 minutter siden

    0:21 somebody brought a child to this seige

  • Tiny Rick!!!
    Tiny Rick!!!50 minutter siden

    See you all again in a few weeks when The Daily Show re-releases the same video under a different title.

  • Paracetamol_500
    Paracetamol_500Time siden

    5:10 I thought he is flying

  • Andrew Villanueva
    Andrew VillanuevaTime siden

    I'll never fall in love again

  • Jonathan Seidle
    Jonathan SeidleTime siden

    Damn I don't know what there's less of, teeth or I.Q. points.

  • KimyKW
    KimyKWTime siden

    Just f***ing idiots! I don’t know what more I can say...I do appreciate the comedy during a dark pathetic time

  • Tauridium
    TauridiumTime siden

    Think these guys are a bunch of idiots and when shown a map of the countries they will point to Australia as the US xD

  • sffsd sfsf
    sffsd sfsf2 timer siden

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  • Napster King
    Napster King2 timer siden

    Lol..... The 4 year President..... Like a Bugs Bunny Cartoon...... Thats all Folks.

  • Napster King
    Napster King2 timer siden

    What a bunch of Morons...... Well Trump is gone and America is great once again.

  • Bonnie Bonnie
    Bonnie Bonnie3 timer siden

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  • Guillermo Ruelas
    Guillermo Ruelas3 timer siden


  • bilgeecarlos
    bilgeecarlos3 timer siden

    Sorry man, life isn't fair TO YOU!

  • Former Things
    Former Things3 timer siden


  • Jay
    Jay4 timer siden

    Gravy Seals.

  • lustSh4dow
    lustSh4dow5 timer siden

    So basically this is trumps fault 💀

  • Bru Solà Inaraja
    Bru Solà Inaraja5 timer siden

    5:08 German motorized divisions march through the french border, circa. 1940

  • Renewable,Energy joe
    Renewable,Energy joe6 timer siden

    “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

  • Gijs
    Gijs6 timer siden

    Execute every single one of them. problem solved.

  • Bruno'sBaBySquirrel
    Bruno'sBaBySquirrel6 timer siden

    2:05 Jordan Klepper knows no fear. He is in the middle of volatile, simple minded, armed domestic terrorists that have been told by their cult leader that the media is the enemy and he just walks through it and doesn't give a shit, telling them how stupid they are. What a man!

  • Arc Anon Drum
    Arc Anon Drum6 timer siden

    *The same people who criticized BLM for protesting Police misuse of authority have created sympathy for increased authoritarianism and a loss of Gun Rights for everyone.*

  • Oliver's Elevators
    Oliver's Elevators7 timer siden

    “Good luck with the paintball tournament” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sunny StateOfMind
    Sunny StateOfMind7 timer siden

    Well damn I was already a fan of Jordan before but after seeing this and knowing that he was there he's got mad respect from me 💯💯💯 A bunch of damn fools not knowing what the f*** they started, so far 120 have been identified and I hope they have the rest. All those that stormed that damn building deserve to be behind bars!!! Protest all you want but never ever cause harm to somebody else that's just stupid.

  • Gueltepe
    Gueltepe7 timer siden

    Horrible villains

  • Velai785 Raper352
    Velai785 Raper3527 timer siden

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  • Kevin Owino
    Kevin Owino7 timer siden

    "I've educated myself about this, I don't know what's all in the constitution." When trying to sound smart goes wrong.

  • Tamyra DeWandeler
    Tamyra DeWandeler8 timer siden

    You're a good man Jordan Klepper

  • Ramo Kaynarca
    Ramo Kaynarca8 timer siden

  • Joe Laboo
    Joe Laboo8 timer siden

    These rioters made democracy sucks ...

  • rojichrstn
    rojichrstn8 timer siden

    "I see you're not wearing a mask, nvm" lmao

  • BeccaLife
    BeccaLife9 timer siden

    I was so confused when Jordan was running because I didn't see the scooter and that dude just seemed to be floating.

  • BeccaLife
    BeccaLife9 timer siden

    Anything's possible That's not possible

  • FAMILY - Ross
    FAMILY - Ross9 timer siden

    Noticed most of all the videos I have watched on the riots. There were very few families with Children.

  • blm420jcole
    blm420jcole9 timer siden

    “you’ve read the whole constitution?” “yes it’s remarkably short” “i doubt that, but okay” the constitution is literally 4 pages 😐

  • Mason Kuldinow
    Mason Kuldinow9 timer siden

    Ever meet people who would like to take everything you say as a personal insult? It's a sneaky way to behave in an exclusionary manner. But do they know it is that exclusionary way of campaigning that cost Trump the election? ***k Your Feelings; Make Liberals Cry; Trump is Gonna ***k You are not exactly pulling people in. Trump is not happy with all of those people, else he would've pardoned them all.

  • Bobbie Minami
    Bobbie Minami9 timer siden


  • Mason Kuldinow
    Mason Kuldinow10 timer siden

    Absolutely incredible journalism.

  • dritan68
    dritan6810 timer siden

    The extremist crazies of the other side of the political spectrum are vandalizing the DNC offices in Portland because they want a country without police, prisons and army?!!

  • Cloudrunner
    Cloudrunner11 timer siden

    Were was he for all the BLM riots

  • Lalala
    Lalala11 timer siden

    America is scary

  • Lieska78
    Lieska7811 timer siden

    Are these interviewed people some 2nd level poor actors, they seem so fake.

  • Versus
    Versus11 timer siden

    Ignorance scares me. The one guy thinks the Constitution is some long book and has never bothered to read it. The average person just does not have the ability to remain objective and work with people that have different views. The thing is we all want the same thing, a stronger economy and stronger nation. It's people's personality defects that are preventing us from achieving that.

  • Taylor Petroff
    Taylor Petroff11 timer siden

    Republicans are petty and uneducated.

  • Alvin Lee
    Alvin Lee11 timer siden

    Trump could have just been a bad president but now is in the 2 pack of ass category so let’s give joe a try then we can vote Tom Brady in 4 years

  • David Erickson
    David Erickson11 timer siden

    Every time I hear that clip of Trump saying, "we're going to the... CAPitol," I think of the Simpsons' Professor Frink.

  • Taylor Petroff
    Taylor Petroff11 timer siden

    Holy shit...I literally just sat up in my bed and became a democrat. Republicans are fucking ignorant.

  • Marc Dwiggins
    Marc Dwiggins11 timer siden

    I dare this smart a$$ to head to the next BLM or Antifa protest and antagonize the people and ask similar stupid questions. Will you accept that challenge or are you too scared?

  • Stan Leeger
    Stan Leeger11 timer siden

    Human blowtorches lit the fuse with their evil "election stolen" lie. Cult leader Trump said he'd be at the Capitol storm, but his bone spurs acted up.

  • Grant Nichols
    Grant Nichols11 timer siden

    This is stupid.

  • Winter Bonnie
    Winter Bonnie12 timer siden

    Where do these people get all this bizarre trump merch

  • Pygmy Puff
    Pygmy Puff12 timer siden

    I feel bad that Biden is going into his presidency with bunch of people who want to kill him.

  • James Brandon To
    James Brandon To13 timer siden

    Those aren't trump supporters look up john sullivan cnn he exposed this whole fake trump group.

  • Patrick Quibodeaux
    Patrick Quibodeaux13 timer siden

    Jordan has some balls, we need more like him.

  • Clint Wood
    Clint Wood13 timer siden

    This guy is a joke

  • OneBoy81
    OneBoy8113 timer siden

    if Jordan just made a vlog with these people i'd watch the WHOLE THING! these are so entertaining!

  • Just Obvious
    Just Obvious13 timer siden

    Trevor an this guy suck at what they are trying to accomplish. They fail so bad a the life they chose.

  • PUNNY 3M
    PUNNY 3M13 timer siden

    I'm glad that the Special Ed class is getting free time to walk out and stretch and really breath in the air.

  • Aleksandra Velika
    Aleksandra Velika13 timer siden

    I love America! I love President Trump so much! 🇺🇸🙏💐🎉❤️

  • mari am
    mari am13 timer siden

    Unbelievable! Stupidity at its finest🤦‍♀️

  • maTmu
    maTmu14 timer siden

    Can anyone explain how that was any different to dems telling people to surround and harras politicians or that there was months of civil unrest burning and looting, the incasion of police station was much different. Both seem to be retarded acts. I've seen more blm and chaz retards than this poor group of fools

  • You Just Made the List
    You Just Made the List15 timer siden

    That guy wearing the Great America Make Again jacket... he gets it.

  • Chandler Williams
    Chandler Williams15 timer siden

    “Aren’t you a little bit freaked out about 600,000 Americans die-“ I see you’re not wearing a mask nevermind😂😂

  • Chandler Williams

    Chandler Williams

    Time siden

    @Trendum Terra no, but wearing them, staying home as much as possible, and keeping your distance from others might do the trick. However, something is telling me from your comment that you probably don’t do any of it, and people with your mentality is what led you all to have a COVID variant🤔🤔🤔

  • Trendum Terra

    Trendum Terra

    Time siden

    yes masks are magic that's why in Europe we have them by law and we have 0 cases since then

  • hiro vlog

    hiro vlog

    10 timer siden


  • Janna Hart
    Janna Hart15 timer siden

    they listened to trump not wearing masks, they listened to trump to storm the capital, if they had work their masks they might not be in jail. so stupid.

  • Elizabrine Animations
    Elizabrine Animations15 timer siden

    I wish was born earlier so I could get a reporting job and interview people like this because they be crazy but by the time I’m old enough they’ll all either be too old or dead!

  • Charles Mark
    Charles Mark15 timer siden

    #stompiemoeketsi say his name! Vielfalt ist unsere Stärke!

  • Roby Cip
    Roby Cip15 timer siden

    Someone posted this: Remember When? "there will be blood in the streets" ~ loretta lynch "who says protest have to be peaceful" ~ chris cuomo "there needs to be unrest in the streets" ayanna pressley "protesters should not let up" ~ kamala harris "I just don't know why there aren't uprisings all over the country and maybe there will be" ~ nancy pelosi "you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they're not welcome anymore, anywhere" ~ maxine waters You see no one is right just divided the politicians divide America then they DIVIDE BILLIONS! ......but they will give you $600 to choose a side?

  • erika flores
    erika flores15 timer siden

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  • Les Online
    Les Online15 timer siden

    Luckily for you these people allowed you the freedom to mock them. Try that with BLM and Antifa.

  • I Dillard
    I Dillard15 timer siden

    White privilege in action! Many of these people had weapons! If that were black or brown people there would have been slaughter! Let’s be honest.

  • alaa alazab
    alaa alazab16 timer siden

    i don't get it why do they like trump he is so racist and self centred all he cares about is money is that what they want well from what i see America is going down

  • alaa alazab
    alaa alazab16 timer siden

    disgusting 🤮🤮

  • Chris Choir
    Chris Choir16 timer siden

    You have to admit it is pretty entertaining watching Republicans act like Democrats for once. Role Reversal

  • joel joss
    joel joss16 timer siden

    Let these fools take the place of those children in cages. Let out 10 kids for each of these morons.

  • Ilene Robinson
    Ilene Robinson16 timer siden

    Why no body 😕 😫 stopped them, this is a burning 🤔 😳 shame, nobody should see 🤔 😕 this all over the world

  • Treyton Clovis
    Treyton Clovis16 timer siden

    He said he’s read the constitution but we as Americans have the right to over throw the Government fun fact

  • Marsha Estep
    Marsha Estep16 timer siden

    He's a liar.

  • Monkey Savant
    Monkey Savant16 timer siden

    Treavor, Jordan....such children.

  • Robert Cox
    Robert Cox17 timer siden

    Rip to the capital police who lost there life protecting the capital from these brain washed idiots that didn’t care about human life, your not a American!!!

  • Onamorata
    Onamorata17 timer siden

    “You can tell these people really love America by how the number weapons they brought to hurt other Americans” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Vasko Georgiev
    Vasko Georgiev17 timer siden

    Silly people.Now it's your run.Just watch what your popet is doing and it's already too late to change.You got what you deserved! The triumph of evel just begone on 20.01.21. Enjoy the show!Happy mask,happy slavery!

  • Grace
    Grace17 timer siden

    I wish Jordan Klepper’s show had worked out. But I know he will always do great stuff. This is hilarious.

  • Ray Perez
    Ray Perez18 timer siden

    Trump moves on filthy rich enjoying his life completely ignoring the constitution and these idiots riot like a bunch of babys with no evidence or substance behind there beliefs

  • Ray Perez
    Ray Perez18 timer siden

    If we fall as a nation it won't come as a surprise and remember how ignorant these people are

  • Gregory Doty
    Gregory Doty18 timer siden

    I love JK's stuff. But, the one question I wish he had asked everyone he spoke to is, whether or not they actually voted.

  • Just A Pair of Legs
    Just A Pair of Legs18 timer siden

    The dude on the Segway was so chill

  • Mrakmal 69
    Mrakmal 6918 timer siden

    A living legend 😹

  • Alyssa Nader
    Alyssa Nader18 timer siden

    these people do realize that democrats own guns too right?

  • Mason Carr
    Mason Carr18 timer siden

    “Worst day in American history” shut up what about the BLM riots?

  • H S
    H S18 timer siden

    Oh my god. WHY IS HE ON A SEGWAY!?

  • serge glazunov
    serge glazunov18 timer siden

    The best part is hes going in no script, just wingin it. Armed only with logic reason and snarky and just laying waste to hoards of mouth breathers. But they're so stupid that as they lay there verbally decimated they are like "im bleeding, making me the victor!"

  • Olivia Lubbers
    Olivia Lubbers18 timer siden

    poor camera man

  • Val Val
    Val Val18 timer siden

    I don't think the media knows the constitution!

  • JM F
    JM F18 timer siden

    Trumpist are justTrumpist nothing positive to get from them just destruction

  • Paulo M
    Paulo M18 timer siden

    To Trump, this was all about seeing just how far he could get his supporters to go. I think he knows he lost the election in terms of numbers, but to him, it is better for the Trump brand to claim the election was stolen.

  • Josh Gralton
    Josh Gralton19 timer siden

    Whats it say? Come and take it. Do you have a weapon? No. Why not? Did they come and take it? Breaks character 😂😂😂😂😂